Sacred Mask Ceremony

Your past lives are a genetic fact, not fiction. The sum of your being has been imprinted upon you through thousands of years of bioenergetic transference. On the cellular level, every movement of your body reveals this transference -- in essence, you are all that you ever were. The mask ceremony is a a truly bold and dynamic experience for those driven to understand the course of their present and past lives. The MASK CEREMONY itself can be compared to a chiropractic adjustment. As body, mind and spirit come together in full alignment, old patterns are released and space is allowed for new change. Everyone involved, whether wearing a mask or not, learns from whoever has the mask on. Toni Attell has traveled around the world studying body language. She has combined this information along with her psychic abilities, also using hypnotherapy and Time-Line techniques to read peoples’ bodies, showing them how their past-life DNA memories are affecting their life choices now and how it is possible to break the recurring patterns using masks collected from all over the world.

Meant To Meet

Kurt Vonnegut once said that someone that comes into close proximity to you is connected to you in some way* I believe we are Meant To Meet the people in our lives to learn our lessons. Too often we think, "This is the One, this is someone who will change my life." Instead, another way to think would be: this new person may guide me to a path where I might meet my lover, best friend or future business partner. People allow themselves to be chosen rather then choosing who and what they need. One girlfriend said, "Well, how do I know what I want?" What you think you want may not be what is correct for you. In this workshop you will learn how to effectively begin brand new patterns in your life. You will learn to intuitively tell the difference between what you think you need and what is truly right for you. You will learn to choose rather then allowing yourself to be chosen. You will also learn how to open yourself to allowing in all the right choices, by freeing yourself of fear.

Small Ceremonies / Finding Your Voice

Rarely do we say what we mean....or mean what we say. Many cultural and environmental influences stop us. Mankind has always needed ceremonies to fill life with meaning and to help find the meaning of life. From religious plays to tea ceremonies to sports events, the stage is created where we wish it to be. Small ceremonies, unite mind, body and spirit, and help us to find the power to speak our thoughts...our real thoughts and to bring us into contact with what we really want. You will learn and experience several types of small ceremonies that you can do consciously and unconsciously every day of your life whether you want to make more money, find a life partner, discover a new career or just get a few answers. In this workshop you will also learn how to create "The Proscenium Arch" in your own home so that you can learn to leave all anxieties from day as you walk through your front door.

Body Talk

Find out what your body movement and face structure says about your life your patterns and your future. Body Talk is the science of reading peoples' faces and bodies. Toni Attell is a certified hypnotherapist and Time-Line expert who is a world recognized metaphysician who works in the realm of physical science of body and face movements. A versatile and exhilarating lecturer Toni has given workshops and performances all around the world and most recently lectured and performed in Canada, Japan and Beijing as well as the United States. A favorite speaker at The American Board of Hypnotherapy and conventions such as Whole Life Expos, Body, Mind, Spirit conventions and Aroma Herb organizations as well as many other organizations.

21 Day Program

This program breaks old negative patterns creating space for positive new patterns. It is a known fact that if you do something for 21 days, you will create new ideas, patterns, behavior and mental outlook. You will find out that what you think you want not what you actually need. One girlfriend said, Well, how do I know what I want? What you think you may want may want, might not be correct for you, so here is what I call The 21 day get what you want diet for your mind, body and spirit. No it does not involve doing affirmations. It is giving yourself permission to write down what you think you want and allowing your spirit and intuition to guide your own hand to say what you need.

Breaking Past-Life DNA Memory Patterns

All species instinctively transfer genetic codes of survival to their offspring. The sum of your being is imprinted you through thousands of years of bio-energetic memory transference. These are called DNA memories. On the cellular level, every body movement reveals this transference. In essence, you are all that you were Learn how these DNA memories affect your life now and how they may be identified and categorized. Once you are able to categorize these memories, you can then understand them so that they no longer dominate your life. When you realize the genetic reason for your behavior, you will be able to use your positive power to change those self-destructing patterns.

Bringing Humor into your Life and your Business

Humor is one of the greatest healing forces available to us as humans. Smiling has a positive effect on physiology, often resulting in total relaxation of the body. Laughter heals. Like a pressure cooker releasing steam, stress is relieved through laughter. Tense situations can be avoided with humor. When working with clients, humor can be used to get a serious message across in a lighter, gentler way. Learn how to locate and use your sense of humor. If you don't think you have one, maybe you just haven't found it yet. Learn how to recognize and use another persons sense of humor as a learning tool. Play games to promote relaxation You can use these games with children, in business and personal relationships.

Body Readings (You Are What You Were)

This is a bold, dramatic, introductory workshop for those driven to understand the course of their present lives through the histories of their many past lives. Learn to scan the body for hidden past life DNA signals. Discover how these signals, passed down through countless generations of cellular memory, affect all constantly recurring negative and positive life patterns. The sum of your being is imprinted upon you through thousands of years of Bio-energetic transference, revealed on the cellular level through your body movement. Find out exactly how you can help clients change present life patterns. You will also have the opportunity to change your present life DNA patterns - from the way you sleep, walk and move, to the food you crave. Take a "foods" test for greater self-knowledge. Learn how to "read" the body's language and have your own body "read" by Toni Attel

Psychic Salon

Join Toni as her host for a Psychic Salon in which you invite your friends and/or associates for a day of Past- Life Body Readings, Your Future with Tarot and learn about how you too are a Intuitive. Included is humor and joyous improvisational and Toni. As host you will receive free tuition for the event and a bonus CD " Food for Thought" or "The Whole Shebang"

Mind Line Workshop

This process uses hypnotherapy and metaphysics to create instant access and awareness into the "patterns" stopping you from achieving certain life goals. This process is efficiently quick in releasing these old blocking patterns allowing new positive patterns to reframe themselves in your life. From the very beginning, all human beings have been psychically linked to each other. Our minds and thoughts are constantly in subconscious contact. In this way, through the years, we've absorbed much of our environments, both good and bad. Unfortunately, many problems are never quite what they seem on the surface. If they were, they'd be easier to solve. For the basis of many difficulties lies in the deeply hidden messages and traumas that have secretly affected us over the course of our lives.

Games For The Soul

Have you ever wanted to really celebrate your life? This workshop assist the participant in doing just that, by discovering
Who you are
What you want
How you're going to get it
What you'll want to do with it
The format is a series of improvisational, metaphysical games that get you in contact with your child within, and it teaches you how to use your own psychic ability.

Time-Line (TM)

In this workshop you will learn:
1) What your core issues are.
2) The three "W"s, i.e., who you are, what you want and why.
3) The use of simple hypnotic techniques to aid in breaking re-occurring negative patterns
4) How to assist your clients in achieving the above three

Acting Tools for Business Professionals

Learn to use the tools of the actor to enhance your overall performance as a professional. Learning some basic acting techniques will improve your public presentations, speaking, interviewing and teaching skills. It will also improve your ability to PR yourself, work more effectively in a group and help release work-related stress. This course emphasizes spontaneity, body language, vocal techniques, timing, focus, objectives and memorization skills. The class includes introductory improvisational games that are fun, practical and can be used between you and your clients and co-workers.

Improv Therapy

Improv Therapy is about using acting tools to work efficiently with clients by being in the now, i.e., being in the moment, not thinking, just doing. Improv therapy is an alternative to using scripts, though it can also be used to compliment hypnosis scripts. It is a combination of acting techniques and improvisational techniques that can be used with clients as well as in one’s own personal day-to-day life. In this class you will learn to use your intuition, be spontaneous, and interact with other people without being clinical. What we don’t say is sometimes just as important as what we do say. These techniques will help bring playfulness to your clients during sessions. You will learn about adding information to a conversation, picking up key information about what types of issues are occurring with your client.