Small Ceremonies / Finding Your Voice

Small Ceremonies / Finding Your Voice

Rarely do we say what we mean....or mean what we say. Many cultural and environmental influences stop us. Mankind has always needed ceremonies to fill life with meaning and to help find the meaning of life. From religious plays to tea ceremonies to sports events, the stage is created where we wish it to be. Small ceremonies, unite mind, body and spirit, and help us to find the power to speak our thoughts...our real thoughts and to bring us into contact with what we really want. You will learn and experience several types of small ceremonies that you can do consciously and unconsciously every day of your life whether you want to make more money, find a life partner, discover a new career or just get a few answers. In this workshop you will also learn how to create "The Proscenium Arch" in your own home so that you can learn to leave all anxieties from day as you walk through your front door.

This is also a great workshop for businesses.  Helps you and your employees find new ways to effectively produce more valuable business, while in a relaxed and happy mood.

Toni Attell presented this workshop at my conference in Atlanta and the feed back on the speaker evaluation forms from the 80 people who attended her lecture were excellent. Everyone enjoyed the lecture, handouts and especially the demonstrations.

- Jillian La Velle