Sacred Mask Ceremony

Sacred Mask Ceremony

Your past lives are a genetic fact, not fiction. The sum of your being has been imprinted upon you through thousands of years of bioenergetic transference. On the cellular level, every movement of your body reveals this transference -- in essence, you are all that you ever were.

The mask ceremony is a a truly bold and dynamic experience for those driven to understand the course of their present and past lives. The MASK CEREMONY itself can be compared to a chiropractic adjustment. As body, mind and spirit come together in full alignment, old patterns are released and space is allowed for new change. Everyone involved, whether wearing a mask or not, learns from whoever has the mask on.

Toni Attell has traveled around the world studying body language. She has combined this information along with her psychic abilities, also using hypnotherapy and Time-Line techniques to read peoples’ bodies, showing them how their past-life DNA memories are affecting their life choices now and how it is possible to break the recurring patterns using masks collected from all over the world. The mask ceremony itself is an ancient yet modern way of evoking life-changes.

Available for conferences, salons and private readings.

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