Romantic Intuitive

Trust Your Intuition

I have many clients who come to me and consult about their dating situations, whether it be the first date, or someone they wish to marry. As I council them, it has come more apparent to me that people need to listen more to their intuition rather than the conscious or unconscious (checklist) going on in their minds.

For example, one client (and I do think that both male and females do this) found herself on a date and she immediately visually noticed the man was not dressed the way she would have liked. I think she was listening to her mind and was being influenced by past environmental choices rather than looking deeper into the fact that this date was a kind generous supportive person, who may not have been right for her, but could have become a good friend and maybe even introduced her to her correct mate.

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Intuition has been around forever. In women it has been called "Women’s Intuition" in men we refer to it as the "Sixth Sense". Intuition is something that makes you proactive not reactive. It not only gives you a deeper knowledge of who you are but also an insight into the other person. You can also use your intuition as insight into right answers for life questions you may have. By listening to your intuition, you begin to separate what you want to what you really need. Our bodies are a perfect pathway to our intuition, for your body never lies. It tells you when your sick, when your hungry, in other words, it’s your compass, your road map to your life. By observing your bodies physical signals you will begin to learn a great deal about yourself, and I don’t mean studying your body in the mirror. Use your body as a wonderful vehicle that houses your engine, you. There are many ways I can teach you to learn to use your intuitions, for now let’s try one.

Let us imagine that you have a question you need to ask. Use the top part of your body, your head and imagine that you have are an antenna like a car does. Let it raise up a couple of inches. Ask yourself the question that you need the answer to. Make the question a simple one at first. Don't make it complex. Here’s the tricky part, be prepared to accept the very first answer to your question, this is the right answer. Most of us in the same situation, will tend to second guess or argue ourselves into another answer. The first answer is what we call the intuitive-correct answer, for it is not influenced by people or the environment you live in. The answer is coming from your own wisdom. Learning to use your intuition helps guide you to smarter more intelligent choices and helps break old patterns.

I have developed the 21 Day Body Mind Spirit Diet - No it does not involve doing affirmations. It is giving your intuition permission to let your hand write down what you think you want. After a couple of days you will begin to discover that you are writing down what you need. By the 21st day a new pattern will bring to you what you need, rather than what you thought you wanted. The 21 day Intuitive diet will work for love, money, business, family, friends, and almost any other area of your life.