Mind Line Workshop

Mind Line Workshop

This process uses hypnotherapy and metaphysics to create instant access and awareness into the "patterns" stopping you from achieving certain life goals. This process is efficiently quick in releasing these old blocking patterns allowing new positive patterns to reframe themselves in your life.

From the very beginning, all human beings have been psychically linked to each other. Our minds and thoughts are constantly in subconscious contact. In this way, through the years, we've absorbed much of our environments, both good and bad.

Unfortunately, many problems are never quite what they seem on the surface. If they were, they'd be easier to solve. For the basis of many difficulties lies in the deeply hidden messages and traumas that have secretly affected us over the course of our lives.

In order to eliminate the problems, stresses and strains, they must first be identified, the actual truth about their origins completely understood. Only then can they be released in a gentle loving way, through a powerful new method that totally transcends the mind and body.

This is the core and essence of "Mind-line Therapy."

This is a quick and effective way to liberate our inner souls from fears, anxieties and phobias. By combining unique mental processes with hypnotherapy, "Mind-Line Therapy" is able to achieve an entirely new dimension of positive, life-affirming results.

Using actual linear perspectives which represent your life, "Mind-Line Therapy" overcomes all the Past/Present/Future blocks that imprison you. A wonderful sense of spiritual and psychological freedom is produced, allowing you to create new lines of love, opportunity, joy and success.