Intuitive Consultant

He Intuitive Consultant works with businesses, corporations and people in many different capacities depending on the individual needs.

Most recently Ms. Attell worked with an architectural firm bidding for a large Park contract in Texas . The firm needed to have maps of the land identified and the historical events attached to the land that had happened in that location in past historical times. The firm also asked for suggestions that might be added to the architectural concepts of the land with parks, rides, rivers, trees, plants, art work, and suggestions of visuals to bring all the different ethnic families and all their heritages together. This same firm also wanted to know if there was anything that they could add that would ground the area for success, peace and healing for the people and families that would be using the park.

I have worked with several Spas helping them with their building sites, rooms and services needed including essences and objects that will bring together a healing and relaxing environment with stress free atmospheres.

The Business Intuitive also helps business executive choose the right employees that will work well within the office environment and also helps in choosing the correct ambiance for the workplace by adding specific music and other activities to keep the staff working at maximum capacity while feeling happy and productive. Ms Attell visits business and teaches workshops to create close teams of business associates and workers.