Breaking Past-Life DNA Memory Patterns

All species instinctively transfer genetic codes of survival to their offspring. The sum of your being is imprinted you through thousands of years of bio-energetic memory transference. These are called DNA memories. On the cellular level, every body movement reveals this transference. In essence, you are all that you were Learn how these DNA memories affect your life now and how they may be identified and categorized. Once you are able to categorize these memories, you can then understand them so that they no longer dominate your life. When you realize the genetic reason for your behavior, you will be able to use your positive power to change those self-destructing patterns. Included in this workshop is a foods test that tells you from the kinds of foods you are attracted to, what kind of recurring patterns are going on in your life. This program is very effective when you combine it with Body Readings and The Mask Ceremony or Body Talk.