Body Talk

Body Talk

Find out what your body movement and face structure says about your life your patterns and your future. Body Talk is the science of reading peoples' faces and bodies.

Toni Attell is a certified hypnotherapist and Time-Line expert who is a world recognized metaphysician who works in the realm of physical science of body and face movements. A versatile and exhilarating lecturer Toni has given workshops and performances all around the world and most recently lectured and performed in Canada, Japan and Beijing as well as the United States. A favorite speaker at The American Board of Hypnotherapy and conventions such as Whole Life Expos, Body, Mind, Spirit conventions and Aroma Herb organizations as well as many other organizations

Toni also has a version of Body Talk which has been a hit at conventions, business events, private clubs and parties as well as other interactive events.

(Body Talk): ( 50 minutes can be tailored to be longer or shorter session ) lecture and demonstration. Explanation: How well do you really know yourself? Your body never lies. It tells you when you are sick, lonely, in need of sustenance, and yet so often we ignore its signals. In this workshop you will learn to reconnect with your body and learn how to read body signals, areas that store DNA memories, and you will experience The Antenna and Intuition exercise.

You will also learn:

  • What the foods you crave ...tell you about yourself ( from what you like on your pizza to favorite snack items ).
  • What your body communicates to you regarding health, love and business and how to effectively look and listen for the signals.
  • Learn how to read others peoples' bodies.