Body Readings

(You Are What You Were)

Body Readings (You Are What You Were)

This is a bold, dramatic, introductory workshop for those driven to understand the course of their present lives through the histories of their many past lives.
Learn to scan the body for hidden past life DNA signals. Discover how these signals, passed down through countless generations of cellular memory, affect all constantly recurring negative and positive life patterns. The sum of your being is imprinted upon you through thousands of years of Bio-energetic transference, revealed on the cellular level through your body movement. Find out exactly how you can help clients change present life patterns. You will also have the opportunity to change your present life DNA patterns - from the way you sleep, walk and move, to the food you crave. Take a "foods" test for greater self-knowledge. Learn how to "read" the body's language and have your own body "read" by Toni Attell.