21 Day Program

21 DAY - Get What You Want - Body-Mind-Spirit-Diet

This program breaks old negative patterns creating space for positive new patterns. It is a known fact that if you do something for 21 days, you will create new ideas, patterns, behavior and mental outlook.
You will find out that what you think you want ...is not what you actually need.

One girlfriend said, Well, how do I know what I want? What you think you may want may want, might not be correct for you, so here is what I call The 21 day get what you want diet for your mind, body and spirit. No it does not involve doing affirmations.  It is giving yourself permission to write down what you think you want and allowing your spirit  and intuition to guide your own hand to say what you need. Once you see it on paper it begins to create a new pattern and a new way of thinking. It also allows for the laws of attraction to start working.

For example the first few days you may write, Oh make him or her a generous, loving , sexy person. The next day you may write a whole page talking about looks, the next day a sentence about what makes you happy, but by the 5th or 6th day you will find an extraordinary thing happening, things will indeed start to change as you allow your hand to randomly write WHAT YOU NEED, NOT WHAT YOU WANT.

I used this program the last few weeks of college to not only get me through the finals but to bring to me the right people to help start my career in Acting. Two weeks after doing the 21 Day Program, I got agents for commercial work and started working. This program was so successful for me, I am going to now do it again to find my love mate.

Crystal Smith