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Antoinette-Toni Attell

Antoinette-Toni Attell, C.Ht. is a world recognized metaphysician and speaker in the realms of past-life and DNA memories mask ceremonies and physical movement science. She is also known throughout the world as the Romantic Intuitive. A versatile and exhilarating lecturer, Toni has for many years held successful teaching tours in Beijing and Japan. Ms. Attell is a respected columnist, teacher and performer. She maintains an active private hypnotherapy practice.

  1. Introduction                                  3:11
  2. Our Moment of Ceremony         1:23
  3. Learn to Choose                           5:34
  4. Meant to Meet                              3:53
  5. How to Choose                             6:28
  6. Access Your Intuition                 6:34
  7. Inner Babble                                 6:04
  8. Don’t Compare                             0:48
  9. Body Talk                                       2:37
  10. 21 Day Mind, Body, Spirit Diet 20:20
  11. Past Live DNA Memories           8:58
  12. Dealing With Power                     4:15
  13. Food Test                                        8:34

Total Running Time: 80 Minutes

Welcome to Hypnosis 4 You

A Home Guide to Your Past Lives

Performer URL: www.Attell.com

Label URL: www.hypnosis4you.net

Release Date: February 23 2013

Genre: Spoken Word

Disc: cd

1.      Intro 2.      Appetizers
3.      Upset 4.      Smells
5.      Side Dish 6.      Dislikes
7.      Pizza Toppings 8.      Summary

Even though I am certified in all the many different modalities on this site, I hand tailor each session for the individual for quick positive results.

  • Self-Esteem
  • Coaching and Writing for speakers
  • Intuitive Consultant
  • Stress Management
  • Overcome Insomnia
  • Improve Memory, Concentration & Memorization Skills
  • DNA Body Readings that Break Re-Occurring Patterns
  • Resolve Fears of Public Speaking
  • Connect with Higher Self
  • Release Phobias, Anxiety and Test Anxiety
  • Experience Inner Growth
  • Connect with Higher Self
  • Stop Reacting to Stressful Situations
  • Create Positive New Patterns
  • Smoking and Weight Cessation


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